Do what drives you!

Do what drives you!Some time ago… in several companies… I functioned as an administrative type. I produced documents, edited documents, set up schedules, set up travel schedules, filed, faxed, and filled orders.

And I felt dead.

I’m not doing that any more.

Now, I work in the real estate business. It has its share of administrative stuff and guess what – I delegate most of it now. Instead of doing that stuff myself, I hand it off to people who enjoy doing it – who like the spreadsheets, the filing, the faxing, the setting up packets, etc.  

 I will make sure to dot my i’s and cross my t’s, it’s just not me to do the administrative work others enjoy and that frankly gives me headaches.

Instead of administrative stuff, I work more with people. Connecting with others, whether I agree fully with their opinions, life, habits, etc. is something that drives me to be my best and to do the best for them.

Don’t do what deadens you. Do what drives you!



<i>marketing</i>BREWThere’s something to be said about a catchy name.

I suggested the business name marketingBREW to a friend today (they declined) and I thought well, why not get some input on that?

marketingBREW is about brewing up great ideas – then serving them up to the niche market. It’s not about coffee, or beer, though it does make one think of a liquid… it’s about heating up and pouring out ideas into a cup, stirring them around, adding something tasty, and getting a final product that people will enjoy and with which they can identify.

I kinda like it! What do you think?

Fear of Water

Today I began my little exercise routine – some stretches (stretches courtesy our local PBS station; Esmonde Technique), and a walk that seemed r.e.a.l.l.y. long to me.

That’s ok that the walk felt long. I’ve been a bit under the weather and it’s good to feel the wind in my hair, see the beauty of nature, hear the birds, and know that those muscles unused are getting a good workout.

As to working out, I don’t do much crazy working out – more low-impact than wild jumping around. When I walk in the morning, I like to do it by a river and will choose several different locations. I do have a favorite though, and it’s a Dayton location.

Which brings me to this – Yes, I know Dayton has Riverscape, thStillwater River in Wintere beautifully outfitted recreational area downtown near Fifth Third Field where the Dragons play. It’s Dayton’s premier area for riverfront activities, and helps the vibrancy of the downtown area. Doesn’t hurt to have something nice to see prior to or after the Dragons games, or a place for citydwellers to have lunch, watch the water, ice skate in winter or play in the play-fountain in summer.

Yet there are more areas where Dayton could develop waterfront activities. Along the Stillwater River, there are tennis facilities near Triangle Park, there’s Deweese Parkway and Wegerzyn Garden Center… yet very little actual access to the river. Yes, there’s Island Park where concerts may be held, yet few areas where people can languish on a sunny day and look out at a river that’s within 5 feet of them…

Bear with me – here’s what I mean – If there were several outcroppings that are cantilevered over the river, people could stand on them or sit on benches, and enjoy being as close to the river as possible. When I was younger, my sisters and friends and I would scamper over the rocks at Triangle Park, right next to the river. I miss that closeness of the lapping waves, seeing the swifts swing by and flash as they tip to catch that fleeting insect… could we have that again, yet in a more grownup format?

I am mindful of the outcroppings at other natural formations such as historic areas, usually valleys, where there’s benches, maybe a place to view far-away scenes via telescope… why not in Dayton?

Why not? Fear of water… Dayton’s river system has been a blessing and a curse, and since the 1913 flood it’s been managed with an eye to potential disaster.

Disaster could come, don’t get me wrong. Until then, let’s offer our rivers to our residents in a way that preserves and protects the riverwaters and its banks, yet provides a way to offer more direct enjoyment.

Yeah, I’m social…

Yeah, I’m social…

I’m not media, just social. In fact if I’m anything, I’m a human.

Yet, being social has morphed from simple gregariousness to something a bit more far-reaching.


Are you here?

Why? People from all over the world are on social media and hey! I get to meet them! Singapore, England, Scotland, far reaches of Canada and the US, South America, Africa, you name it – there are people I consider to be friends (and vice versa) that I have met on Twitter and other social networks. Oh, the opportunity was there before in small ways, but nothing like today’s avenues for reaching out to people with like – or unlike – minds.

Yep, I’m social. And I like part of what’s happening in social media. Oh, there’s Twitter, and (wait, there used to be Plurk…), Facebook, and well just about 40 sites on which you can talk to various people. Usually, I use Twitter and another site for people interested in the same subject. Do I use Facebook? Not so much.

Facebook is too slow for me! There’s little banter! I can post something and come back a bit later to maybe 20 additional posts in my circle of  FB friends (the ones I haven’t hidden that do nothing but play incessant games or that only push their product or company). Maybe it’s my foray into the threaded bulletin board scene and like-interest chat rooms some years ago; I just like quicker responses, banter, and discussion.

Twitter’s my thing. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to *just* do Twitter – and I don’t – but Twitter is where I meet people, hang out occasionally, and even do some business. Not my main source of business leads, but that’s ok. Now and again someone asks me a question about real estate, and I’m happy to share. And have biz in my pipeline from it. I do love to share info about real estate, some volunteer efforts, my faith, and other things. I blog, sure, but that’s not conversation unless someone comments.

I’m just as happy to talk with and get to know different people, and build relationships. That’s what social media is about for me –  building relationships. Well… some relationships are more towboats than ocean liners, or more prop planes than 747’s, but you know what I mean. The variety of relationships is amazing, and I *get* to know all these people!

Yes, I’m an extrovert. It’s an integral part of me to want to be around people, to talk with or laugh with or tussle on topics with people.

It’s like having a few close relationships and otherwise a slew of people to talk with.  I know musicians, writers, social media stars, developers, other Realtors, entertainers, pastors, even a podcasting farmer… What’s that? I *know* it’s on the computer – what? That’s not “real?”  We share ideas, problems, solutions, hopes, dreams, fears, and happy, silly or scary-crazy

expanding flower

Tendrils reaching out to humanity

times. When one of us is sick or having a bad time of it, the others rally around for support. When one of us has a wonderful accomplishment and we share it with our friends, they are there to support us and cheer us on. And when we changeup our goals and life and dreams, the wisest among us choose their words carefully so as not to burst our balloon of hope and ambition.

It’s about relationships an dall the messy goofy things that happen within the scope of those relationships. Somewhere in the human-ness of our interaction, we truly care about one another (even when liking each other isn’t necessarily a part of the equation).

Relationships? That’s humanity. That’s real life. Yeah.

Even on Twitter.


Gina Kay Landis, REALTOR

Twitter: @ginakay

Gina Kay Landis is a REALTOR with Real Living Realty Services and licensed in the Grand State of Ohio. She is not a maven of anything except, perhaps, bacon.

New page on my blog: Recommendations

It’s kind of a new world in social media now. Well, maybe not *so* new – just expanded.

There are people still sticking their toes in the social media water… wondering if it’s too hot and going to burn them, or too cold ’cause they don’t quite know what to do, how to build relationships.

While I do a little training (mainly real estate agents and brokers or their assistants, either one-on-one or for an office), there are activities I simply don’t want to spend time on – and that’s where the others I know come in.

I am hooked up with some brilliant people who can drill down to the heart of social media as well as do the day to day posting and monitoring. The ones that can help you build your social media strategy have proven themselves in their previous business (“old” media or marketing) as well as adopting and absorbing and putting principles into effect in the new media venue.

As such, I have worked out with many of them an agreement that when I come across someone who needs more than a “social media 101” type of training, I’d refer that person to people I know who are willing to go further with it (most of my time is spent in real estate versus social media). (Disclosure: I will receive a tiny referral fee from the person to whom I refer the client).

So! Need a resource for social and new media?  Here I am! let me know what you need and I’ll hook you up with the best and brightest – whether it’s blogging, Twitter, Facebook etc. in #Dayton, #Cincinnati, #Columbus or even beyond Ohio. I know and surround  myself with the best and brightest. Email me at ginakaysellshomes  at   yahoo  dot    com and we’ll hook you up!

This, bubble, that bubble…?

What bubble do you choose?

Are you a gamer?  What bubbles do you choose?

Recently, I was fortunate enough to get a new-ish phone (courtesy of @PreppyDude, thanks, Dude!), a beautiful HTC TouchPro. Well – the phone itself is fabulous. The friendship, too, which is the more important thing.

And on the phone is a game. Not being an avid gamer, I thought well… let’s see how this one goes. In short order, the game mesmerized me.

Ok. It’s called “Bubble Burst” and the goal is to burst bubbles – enough that give you the most points at one time. At first, the easiest thing to do is to burst all the ones that are together. On the outside, on the inside, who cares?  Just getting used to the bubble bursting scenario. Then, strategizing takes place – how many of one color can I get together at one time?  Forget the points – how many!! how many!!

After the thrill of calculating how the bubbles will fall from their position into another position more desirable (thus actually rising in their “position” as to what they offer, the points come into play. Why play a game for only 217 points, where if I work it right, I can get over 400?

By now you likely see the relevance of this game to various life situations. Applying the concepts to your own life, how often do you simply look at the easiest thing to do (think posting comments on blogs or Twitter or Facebook only, with no backup strategy such as creating a blog or tricking out your web site with SEO tips)? do you graduate from the easy to the more challenging, and to what level (grouping tasks or events or flights or meals etc. so you can take care of more at one time)? Once you master a task, do you then check what your payoff is?

What bubbles do you choose?

Life has all these things and more. What’s your toughest challenge when it comes to this sort of thing? How do you conquer the desire to do the easy, while the challenging thing may be worth more to you in the long run?

Dayton business makes move to new location

Welcome to Now and again, I’ll be posting information about businesses making their move in Dayton, Ohio…

Sham-Poochies, a professional grooming service business and mainstay at Forest Park Plaza in Dayton for 12 years, has moved to a new location on Riverside Drive in Dayton, Ohio. Read more below photo gallery…



What started as a simple dog-washing business begun by co-owner Shirley Francis and a longtime friend has become a viable, booming, multi-breed professional grooming service. The Sham-Poochies name is a takeoff on “shampoo” and “poochies.”

 Sham-Poochies is located at a busy but well-moving intersection in the Dayton area, near Wegerzyn Garden Center and Deweese Parkway. Easily accessible, the shop is perfectly positioned to continue its growth and to serve clients throughout the region. Just one more great reason to live in the Dayton area!

 The shop building has been in the hands of several businesses over the years. Many area people remember it as a former tailor’s shop, and most recently, a t-shirt company. New exterior stairs from the rear parking area have been added, grooming stations outfitted, holding areas, washing and drying areas and storage are now in place.

Says Shirley, “We are so happy to be here – to have the river to look at, to be able to better serve our clients, and to get new clients, too!  In fact, I got a phone call from someone the other day who said ‘I have a lab, can you wash him?’ and I said ‘sure, where are you calling from?’ – he said ‘I’m sitting in my car on the corner looking at your building!’”

 While dogs and cats of any breed are accepted for grooming, show animals are also professionally handled by Eddie Hill, a sought-after groomer. When I was in the shop today, Eddie was meticulously shaving a dog that had the unmistakeable stance of a show dog.

Sham-Poochie’s positive move to a new location is just another indication of many Dayton area business’  forward-thinking resolve to reinvent the city’s offerings, to deliver great services to the community, and to reinvest in their own business, employees and clientele. The owners Pat and Shirley Francis as well as groomers Charlene Long, Leta Pruitt, Eddie Hill, Christina Blair, and Lynn Kelley are obviously happy when their doggie clients visit!

During my time with them today, at least 7 dogs arrived to be groomed, and with each arrival the shop was filled with happy doggie yips, leaps and tail-wagging. The groomers and owners were smiling and ready to care for these great friends.

Sham-Poochies is located at 3531 Riverside Drive, Dayton, OH 45405 and can be reached at (937) 278-2233. Directions: I-75 to the Wagner Ford exit to North Dixie Drive, then west on Siebenthaler to the corner of Siebenthaler and Riverside Drive.

Their tag line?  “Happiness is a furry friend.” Nice!

My best to all the people and pets at Sham-Poochies!  For more information on the business or the area and what they offer  to residents, contact Gina Kay Landis at (937) 623-9441 or ginakaysellshomes [at] yahoo [dot] com.